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  1. IGN:Akito22 Member/Guest:Member! Discord: Akito#7607 Reason to join : Even though I have played decently now, I still sometimes clueless on stuff XD I also have joined the crew for numerous times, but I often forgot mentioning I would be gone (for how long) after 1~2 weeks since I can't handle playing with my potato pc >< now my pc is manageable so I can play more often now ^^ (It's embarrassing applying to the crew thrice οΌ›βˆ€οΌ›)
  2. Hii! I would like to join the crew! IGN: FuyukazaMember/Guest: MemberDiscord: Akito#2200Reason to join : I remember playing Closers before, decided to play again ^^ Also kinda clueless on stuffs in endgame
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