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Status Updates posted by Chiharu


  2. On this day, almost a year ago, I finally got that dumb ass blade. 900m, but it was worth every motherfucking credit.

  3. Imagine never enabling status updates when you edit your profile LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Damn, I feel old as fuck WHEEEEZZEEEEEEE. How the fuck do you feel old when you're fucking 22 years old, lord save me.


    Ok Ok, I'll be serious now. XD


    First status update. Now what the fuck do I talk about. Oh yeah. 


    After the chain of events, I've been doing ok. I've been chilling and doing my own thing. I've been spending my free time carrying people as of late or just continuing to sell pieces. Still looking for that dumb ass blade lmao. 


    Whew....this was one hell of a year, I will tell you that right now. However, it was not as bad as 2020. 2020 was on some fuckshit and I think that everyone can agree with me on that. 


    I still have areas in speedrunning that I feel like I still need to improve in so I've been working on that. I know that I gotta go on a dgn spamming spree today tho since I need warps. 


    What else.... Ah yes. *points at Profile Visitors* I look often. Some of y'all are predictable as fuck. That's why

    *points at About me* I have that for a reason.  S    T    A    Y     A   W   A   Y     F    R    O   M     H    E    R    E.



    S T O P   S T A L K I N G 


    G E T   T H E   F U C K    O U T.

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