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  1. Good luck on the journey! Welcome back to C:C! If you ever need help in-game, feel free to add me (MsMiia)
  2. Yes, Gear drops and stuff while progressing is just fine!
  3. 1- is CC hard to progress compared/like global? Nope! We get many benefits - I recommend to make alternate characters as well 2- is the CC alive and active? Yup! We have a small player base but that's pretty much a given since it's considered to be a private server. 3- is it soloable? I'm kinda a big fan of playing solo.... Yup! Just gotta be patient 4-is the market healthy or the prices are sky rocket? It really depends - it's why we use code:Closers discord server or the network devices instead (or global chat) 5- now for the cliche question: is the server not going to be taken down anytime soon? No, not at all 6- also, for boss guide patterns i read that u should observe a pop up icon or something like that on the head of the boss to dodge it. Honestly, I'm not sure about a pop up icon (would be embarrassing if I've never seen this after playing for 3 years) Some bosses require i-frame, others require you to dodge. You'll figure that out along the way. I'd record it but I'm currently working on other things related to videos xD...
  4. Decided to add this onto this thread Despite it being a bit old, it's still interesting to see how Levia's skills used to look like before the update on her visual skills. Also idk why I used to call Jina Grace "Giga" totally not embarrassed
  5. Quick question... Are you guys able to make this tradable that we earn from the license event? Players like me might already have the options listed in the license reward:
  6. Why Alternate Characters Are Important! Was always asked the question as to why I have many characters. I figured I'd answer it for those that need the assistance & more information into it that you may have not known before or forgotten. Feel free to check it out!
  7. β™‘ Hey all! Currently working on my next guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1p84cS3DATSfR-mUd-fOjHqsz_t4dZd5trCDGNI61Ncs/edit?usp=drivesdk Itll be uploaded by some time next week, will update the thread once its posted!
  8. Hello! feel free to check out this video I posted related to credit grinding to make this simple: run dailies with credit bonuses like housing accessories you can craft, 3 specific busan trinkets that drop in any dungeon there that gives credit bonus, past event titles that give credit bonus, PNA & pets! (And of course potions like J potion by creating a character and then deleting them) here's a guide I also made about costumes:
  9. Considering another event was here literally just a month ago, I wouldn't expect a booster to be in the event. I mean, we already get +17 from the license which is already a plus! xD The event is great - it is of course beneficial to everyone and the custom content is such a great addition to the server like it's always been β™₯ Love the designs too for the costumes! Happy Anniversary, guys Things to be added? Honestly, maybe having the april fools arband added? Considering it was something in the past so since it's an anniversary event with all the other armbands, why not have the april fools as well!
  10. Unfortunately, no sadly T T it's best to use rare costume set voices since it's usually fully replaced. Base line voices aren't sadly. My experience, Zenith voice line is the way to go if you want 100% JP
  11. Like I said earlier, create a new folder and name it Voice_DAT To download the files, here's a video that has it in the description:
  12. To replace back the KR voices, simply delete the JP files. In order for JP files to work, simply go to Windows(:C) > Program filesx86 > Code: Closers > DAT folder and if you don't have a folder called "Voice_DAT" folder, create a new folder in the DAT folder. Once created, copy and paste or extract all the JP files into that folder. Like I said earlier, in order to go back to KR voices, simply delete the files/folder you created. If you want JP back, just do the same process again. Hope this helped!
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