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  1. How To Enhance in 2022! In this short guide, here we go over everything you need to know regarding how to enhance. It's not only just a beginners guide but it also is a reminder on what exactly you should be focusing on.
  2. Based on the account name you put, I don't see an application or that you're in the crew-
  3. Thank you for applying ♡ Welcome to code:closers! @maekkerialright, np!
  4. Hi! Thank you for applying ♡ Feel free to apply in-game at anytime
  5. Thank you for applying ♡ go ahead and apply in-game when you have the time!
  6. Hello and thank you for applying! Please edit your post to the new application layout for the Crew to prevent confusion: Account IGN: Discord: Reason to Join:
  7. ☆Update☆ Finally! I am now working on a fully updated gearing guide covering everything you need to know about becoming stronger Will be uploaded next week ♡
  8. If you want as well, this entire stream is dedicated to the raid itself: So if you wish to just take a quick look, that's up to you for references
  9. Been spamming for hours - trying to get these wings xD... After some time grinding, having this event around in other areas outside of Centum & Busan would be great. It's starting to become a huge time waster unfortunately since these are very outdated - ...except if you're wanting to grind accessory drops (which is still a really low chance)
  10. I do appreciate you guys willing to put in another event for us whether it's small or big while adding new ideas to the mix. Of course adding new things may tend to have it's negatives considering this only just became a thing. Here's my small input on this: The rewards are usually the same over and over again - it's actually the same to the point of where it begins to feel like it's just another "code: fusion" basically. It's no surprise when it hits is what I'm trying to say, in all honesty. I understand it's supposed to be a mini event, but it doesn't mean we can't have different rewards like specific materials we need to craft certain things or just items like synchro fiber that can replace the items we see all the time. That's just my add-on to this whole thing. Edit: this is meant for future mini events since I know rewards can't really be changed during the event period.
  11. Hi, thank you for applying! Go ahead and apply in-game when you can Looking forward to help you & welcome to C:C
  12. Thank you for applying! ♡ Feel free to apply in-game when you can
  13. Hey welcome to the circle! Just letting you know that the application format is this now: Account IGN: Discord: Reason to Join: so when you can, just edit your post so others don't get confused with the old application, Thanks ♡
  14. Since Chi's decided to post her guide thread, I'll go ahead and post mine as well just in case you'd ever need assistance: There ya go
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