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  1. IGN: Miia Love in the Night Sky
  2. New & Returning Player Benefits! This guide is covering things you need to know before actually getting ready to start your journey with your closers character.
  3. [Origin] Is recruiting! Feel free to apply at anytime if you're interested ~ More information is stated in the thread
  4. IGN: MsMiia Close Friends Entry:
  5. All About PNA! In this video, this guide basically covers everything you need to know about PNA and Mutant PNA! Things such as how to unlock PNA, PNA Strains, Amplifier, what to go for, materials & more!
  6. Well let's just all say we agree on the progression aspect of things
  7. That's not what I'm saying. I carried a 9m we did fine - That's your opinion alone. I wouldn't tell anyone to kick anybody out unless they're not comfortable with their TCP.
  8. I Don't blame anyone that wants to run raid quickly - especially if you're spamming. I'm trying to refer to the comment Chiharu has made in her channel. If she could edit the comment and simply state specifically instead of: 18M, kick them out. Just add something like: If you do not have enough carries &/or specified the amount of combat power, then kick them out.
  9. It depends on the person - whether they wish to quickly clear the raid or not mind helping someone else as long as they got the right amount of carries of course. But simply generalizing the small tcp and kicking anyone who's around that amount - then assuming they don't know much, is a different story. All I'm trying to say is, I agree with what you stated. Gear skipping can definitely be a problem in the long run
  10. @Chiharu Just as much as I do, I enjoy helping others as well! Not trying to start anything, just stating my point of view in this whole topic. As long as the carry # is enough, things should go okay - plus I'm sure after raid and such, the person would want to know what to do exactly or before raid begins. But yes, due to the new content coming in, it's obviously going to be harder to not skip the gearing process xD... Can't control people encouraging the gear skipping either - after all, we're individuals and that person can decide on what to do
  11. It's honestly difficult now with new updates to not skip equipment. Main reason is due to returning/new player benefits. This is going to cause many players to skip through content. However, they can always make another character and start from scratch there but I honestly don't think people are going to go through that since if you literally have the benefits right in front of you, why not skip at all? Personally, I do think players shouldn't skip the gear progression despite it taking a long time to do so. Regardless, there's players that wish to just get things done and others who just want to play for fun and take it slow. Someone may be new to the game and not realize that they're skipping equipment progression, either! It's almost impossible to avoid since players that come to the game for the first time, might end up thinking to themselves that this is just usually how everything works towards gear equipment. As much as we'd like them to not skip, there's always going to be a clueless player out there that doesn't interact with the community and decides to just get all the benefits blindly. With more content coming out, it's only going to get even worse from there. Let's be honest though, sometimes players wouldn't want to spend so much time on gear progression when all the rewards are right in front of them. I understand your point of view, gearing from scratch is definitely entertaining! I'm even having an upcoming livestream related to this specifically that's gearing from scratch. Just, try not to blame the new or even returning players because due to their lack of experience, those players would not understand. Remember that low TCP doesn't also mean to automatically kick them from raid, could be an alternate character or a player that actually knows what to do. As long as you have enough carries, you can always bring a small player or 2. Once they decide to create their next character, that's usually when their real experiences begin unless they stacked upon materials over time
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