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  1. If you mean Summer sets like sunshine wave & such, they're not too hard to find since there's people selling boxes from past events for 30 to 50m each. If you want to find a seller, it's best to look through buying-selling-trading channel in the C:C discord
  2. Thanks for applying! I have sent a friend request on discord. Feel free to apply in-game at anytime β™‘ Adorable pfp btw dhehdhahdb
  3. Yes you can join us! Ty for applying feel free to apply in-game by pressing the L key & typing in Sky - we will accept you in asap! (For discord, just give us your discord name, I'll add you & I'll invite you through there.)
  4. Thank you for applying! We don't mind helping you, so you're in luck β™‘ Feel free to apply in game & I will send you our discord link!
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