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    oki ty - will go ahead and discard
  2. Are these still used for anything? Should I go ahead and discard em?
  3. IGN: Aliina Taking care of the cats while working
  4. Here's a new guide for Seulbi you can check out (by @Mochi): https://union.codeclosers.to/index.php?/topic/374-a-simple-guide-for-seulbi/&tab=comments#comment-2112
  5. Thank you for applying β™‘ go ahead and apply in-game and we will accept you in asap. I'll go ahead and send over my friend request to you through discord as well
  6. Hello β™‘ thank you for applying! I'll go ahead and send you over a friend request in-game and invite you there! I'll let one of our deputies know to add you on Discord as well so you can join our discord
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