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  1. 10 hours ago, Accelerator said:

    Instead, make it dropping like Hall of Dragon

    +1 with this point here. The reason I say this is because of the simple fact players will take lots of time attacking the enemy but... what if theyre not strong enough or end up dying? The time spent in the dungeon would be meaningless.

    Maybe adding something along the lines of this would be nice.

  2. 1)Are you satisfied with the sector's difficulty? And which character are you on? I play these runs on 4 characters. 2 of them going to the final stage (Levia & Mirae). Based on the difficulty, it's fine but Vitus gets real annoying on the final phase. You dodge before he grabs you but at the same time, it's real difficult. This makes you spam healing pots as youre being grabbed every second. Maybe make Vitus grabs take a bit longer in between? Being grabbed so many times can be frustrating every second after you touch the ground. Other than that, it's all doable but annoying. The ressurection limit are also reasonable considering you're going from point A to point B which increases it's difficulty.

    2)How do you feel about the sector rewards? The increase in materials are resonable & MALEK CRYSTALS is super generous ♡ It's one of the most things that motivates me to grind it despite the difficulty with Vitus.

    3)How do you feel about the Abyss crafts?  It's great! Definitely useful for PNA of course. Items such as the perfdct PNA kits are really generous and I'm not complaining ♡ Also, the cosmetics - ITS PRETTY! The aesthetic really fits my preference. 


    4)What do you think about the new custom Abyss special PNA? Based on looking at the PNA alone already shows how much of a big help it can be for your character, I have no complaints for this ♡ The custom PNA I've yet to put it on but I will once I hop in-game (actually forgot I can craft it).


    5)Have you encountered and practical issues/bugs that need to be fixed? As far as bugs go, no bugs have been encountered.


    6)What other Feedback would you like to give us? Just as stated in the first question, if you can, try to make his grabs take a bit longer for Vitus in his final phase. I know his eyes pretty much tell us but it's a bit annoying being constantly grabbed every second which caused me to rage quit running the boss after stage 7. I'll be running the stages again for Vitus once logging in again.

    I also wish the F4 option (an option that automatically takes you to the next dungeon) was able to be implimented. I mainly spoke for other people but now... I never had the retry on accident problem until yesterday which prevented me from being able to progress over to stage 9 as of this week for Misook.

  3.  Decisive Agent Misteltein & Shadow Agent Eunha

    - Illustrations & In-game Models:








    How to Obtain New Promo

    You'll get a new mission in Centum city called: New Trial.
    Once you complete Decisive Battle Agent or Shadow Agent (depends on character), you'll obtain 3 new skills & 1 passive - including one ultimate skill. As a reward, you'll earn the costume set (permanent), damage font, & the illustration!

     Beast King: Throne of the Beast King Preview


    These dungeons are meant to drop the best Equipment! (Uh-oh... Another intense 'Mini raid')

    Conditions for entry into the operation area

    - Character entry level: Lv.90
    - Recommended Combat Strength: 45 million
    - Boss Armor Type: Wild Type
    - You can enter as a character who clears the quest of the Beast King Investigation Team
    - There is no limit on the number of entries, and each of the 4 types of dungeons requires an entry ticket item
    - The number of resurrections in the dungeon is limited to 4 times

    In each of the 4 types of dungeons, different epic cores are dropped.
    Each core has unique buffs, additional physical / magical damage, and increased attack power, etc., and each boss performance characteristic is revealed!

    If you can't grind this or simply wish to do an alternative, you can always craft the equipment (keep in mind that it will be less powerful but not by much!)

    <Point Check> Costume Set
    This is an entirely new set (no UI) that can be dyed any color!


    * Depending on the costume design, there are areas that cannot be dyed in some parts when dyeing, so please be sure to use the previews before deciding!



    1. Beast King Legendary equipment stats are increased 
    2. The content of the <Enhancement Success> notification in the news within the circle is changed to be output after the 16th 
    3. The ' transcendence ' related content in the tooltip of some upgradeable items is changed to ' Item upgrade ' 
    4. The range of some patterns of the Beast King Survey Team Behemoth has been adjusted 
    5. The number of weekly rewards available for the [Brigade Commander's Interview : Machine King Belphegor ] has been changed. (Existing : 4 times a week → Changed : 3 times a week)
    6. The amount of rewards for the [ Governor's Interview : Machine King Belphegor ] rank has been slightly increased 
    7. A list of ' Condensed [ Trigger ] Transcendental Stone Extract Box of the Great King ' has been added to the crafter 

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