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  1. This list contains gear and accessories drops ONLY! Corruption: Ocean King's Sanctuary: Corrupted Asmodeus Raid:
  2. Phase Backlight Wings are currently the best in slot L-Effect. This guide will show you how to obtain and upgrade those powerful wings. How to obtain Phase Backlight Wings: How to Upgrade Phase Backlight Wings: Visual Effects and Buffs:
  3. To access Asmodeus raid and dungeons you have to clear Mist quests first. Go to Hunter's Night and talk to your <Hub Transport> NPC. Accept a normal mission called "7th-type Encounter". Click spoiler below to see Mist quests progression: After you finished all Mist quests go to Fantasy World: Dream Theater <<Reverse>> and talk to <Count D>. Accept a main mission called "A foretold invitation". Click spoiler below to see Asmodeus quests progression: After finishing the quests you should have access to all of Asmodeus dungeons and raid. This list contains gear and accessories drops ONLY! The Bountiful Ocean King's Sanctuary: Ocean King's Sanctuary: Asmodeus Raid - King of the Ocean:
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